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Salad Greens of the Yukon Wild.

Violet plant.
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(Viola adunca, Viola canadensis, Viola palustris)

The plants can be eaten. All species occur in meadows and forests of western North America.

Wild Mint

(Mentha arvensis, Mentha spicata, Mentha piperita)

The plants are edible raw but are generally used to improve flavour of other food. Many beverages including tea are made from mint plants. The powdered leaves repel insects when sprinkled on berries or drying meat.

Wild Mint plant.
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Wild Rose plant.
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Wild Rose

(Rosa acicularis, Rosa woodsii)

Wild rose petals and buds are edible as are the young shoots and young leaves. The outer shell of the rosehip is edible and is often used to make tea.


(Rorippa Palustris)

The plants are edible raw and tastes like peppery lettuce. It can be dried for storage which would make it a good selection for winter in the Arctic Restaurant. Yellowcress grows in moist, wet, and aquatic habitats.

Yellowcress plant
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